Intellectual Property


1.Digital Locking "Digital Media Distribution Method and System" 
(US Patent No. 7466823) 

This patent provides a method of locking digital content which prevents play back on unauthorized machines and devices. Claims include separating security from the content, so that content files can be shared securely over peer to peer networks. This is one of the earliest patents for securing peer to peer distributed content.

One of the more important claims in this patent is the ability to uniquely recognize a particular computer. Uniquely identifying a person’s computer is a common issue which is usually approached by saving cookies or beacons to the user’s computer or by tracking IP addresses. These are not reliable solutions as cookies are easily deleted and IP addresses easily changed. Destiny’s propriety hash code process creates a serial number that can be used to recognize the user on subsequent visits without ever saving anything to that user’s computer.

2.Watermarking "Methods for Watermarking Media Data" Parent Patent

a.US Patent No. 7983441, Japan Patent No. 5103479 and Europe Patent No. 2082527

b.Pending Canada (Publication No. 2682926)

 Watermarking "Methods for Watermarking Media Data" Child Patent (Continuation)

a.US Patent No. 8300885

b.Pending US (Publication No. US-2013-0096705)

Destiny has a developed a watermarking technology which can uniquely identify the individual who originally accessed a particular song. Our watermark is unique as it can be embedded and identified rapidly, it is inaudible, it survives on air broadcast, compression and conversion to other formats and is virtually impossible to remove. Our watermarking technology is used in the Play MPE® distribution system when songs are exported or when streaming a track.  Other watermarking technologies are slow and provide a trade off between a destruction of audio quality and the ease that they can be filtered out.

When the original patent claims were granted in the US, the Company filed a set of new additional, broader claims in a continuation application in Canada and the US to further protect the technology.

3. Cross Platform Streaming Video “Script Based Video Rendering” 

a.    Pending US Publication numbers:

·    US-2013-0047074,

·    US-2013-0044260,

·    US-2013-0044822,

·    US-2013-0044823,

·    US-2013-0044802,

·    US-2013-0044826 and

·    US-2013-0044804)

b.    Pending China (Publication No. CN 103891303/Application No. 201280050754.7)

c.     Pending Europe (Publication No. 2745526/Application No. 12824114.8)

d.    Pending Japan (Application No. 2014-525268)

e.    Pending Australia (Application No. 2012297524)

f.     Pending India (Application No. 1961/DELNO/2014)

g.    Pending Canada (Application No. 2843766)

h.    Pending Israel (Publication No. 2013/023287/Application No. 230898)

i.      Pending Singapore (Application No. 2014008775)

j.      Pending New Zealand (Application No. 622065)

k.     Pending South Africa (Application No. 2014/01618)

l.      Pending Russian Federation (Application No. 2014110047)

m.   Pending Hong Kong (Application No. <not assigned>)

This solution enables publishers to serve streaming video from their web site without the need for a separate streaming server. The solution will play instantly in all recent browsers, including mobile devices, without the need for a separate video player. 

Registered Trademarks



Jurisdiction Trademark Office Reference Mark Status
CA 565786 CLIPSTREAM Granted
China 6518009 CLIPSTREAM Granted
Europe 1711985 CLIPSTREAM Granted
Israel 138513 CLIPSTREAM Granted
Japan 4444000 CLIPSTREAM Granted
US 2837600 CLIPSTREAM Granted
US 4139994 CLIPSTREAM Granted
Australia 1491407 CLIPSTREAM Pending
CA 708091 MPE Granted
Europe 006302954 MPE Granted
Japan 5245331 MPE Granted
US 3283607 MPE Granted
Australia 1491402 MPE Pending
CA 763397 PLAY MPE Granted
China 6276517 PLAY MPE Granted
Europe 006302988 PLAY MPE Granted
Japan 5131988 PLAY MPE Granted
US 3667246 PLAY MPE Granted
Australia 1491400 PLAY MPE Granted
China 6276516 SONOX DIGITAL Granted
Europe 006302971 SONOX DIGITAL Granted
Japan 5220514 SONOX DIGITAL Granted
CA 1339365 SONOX DIGITAL Granted
US 77/148928 SONOX DIGITAL Pending

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Destiny owns a large number of domain names, including many valuable four letter (, and URL’s featuring common words (,, and many others.)

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As an innovative software development company, the Company has a wide range of proprietary algorithms and software libraries which form the core of its offerings.