Destiny has developed a disruptive secure instant play streaming video solution which is in the early stages of commercialization.   Clipstream® reaches all modern browsers on all computers and devices without needing player plug ins or streaming servers. This will challenge the $12 billion content delivery network industry and the $1.6 billion transcoding industry.  Content owners will no longer have to convert (transcode) their content into various video formats and unlike proprietary streaming servers the efficient HTTP based streaming architecture allows streams to be recycled, saving up to 90% on infrastructure and bandwidth costs.  Other formats go obsolete over time, but video in the Clipstream® format will play long into the future as it is based around HTML standards that will always be backwards compatible.  The technology features security not available in other streaming solutions such as watermarking, the blocking off third party programs and OS abilities such as cut and paste. Clipstream® also has the ability to lock the video to only play on computers that are pre-authorized.  Consumers don't have to install or configure player software, so a much higher successful view rate is achieved.

Clipstream® Products:

Clipstream® Cloud
Clipstream® Survey Solutions
Clipstream® Ad Solutions (Prototype)

Other products for other are verticals being developed...

Clipstream® hosted solutions are managed by proprietary server infrastructure and custom software that views play requests, handing the request off to third party hosting solutions nearest the end user.  Current hosting partners include Amazon and Google.  Customers wanting to host their content on their own servers are able as the solution is powered by any standard web server.  The roll out strategy includes direct licensing of the engine to OEM's, ISP's, software developers that want to "save as" Clipstream® into the cloud and other third parties.

Problem Solution
There is no standard format for streaming video on the Internet.  To reach all browsers, publishers have to convert into several formats including: WebM, Ogg Theora, H.264, H.265 and Flash.  This transcoding process is costly and it means storage and data center costs are much higher. Clipstream® plays instantly on all modern browsers and devices including computers, smart phones, tablets, e-readers and Internet enabled TV's.  Viewers don't have to install or maintain plug-in player software.
None of these formats are widely adopted.  On desktops, none of the replacements for Flash reach more than 2/3 of the audience.*

*WebM: 54.32%
H.264: 63.43%
H.265: 0%
Ogg Theora: 50.22%

Adobe announced that Flash would no longer support mobile.  and Apple will not support Flash on IOS devices.

Because there are no plug-ins for users to maintain or upgrade, content owners will be able to reach all HTML 5 compliant browsers.
Streaming generally requires streaming servers and to reach a large audience, content delivery networks.  More than half of all data transferred on the Internet is video and video data transfer is growing t 48% per year.

Because there is no streaming server and because the content caches, Clipstream® allows publishers to host content directly on their own web servers rather than outsourcing.  HTTP caching can recycle streams allowing loads to be reduced by up to 99% for popular content.

HTML 5 video tag formats are unprotected and videos can easily be copied and shared. Clipstream® encoded videos can be watermarked and locked to only play from authorized source websites or to authorized viewer computers.
With other solutions, videos become obsolete over time, as new formats replace old ones. The new H.265 format isn't compatible with any existing web browser and is intended to phase out old videos encoded in H.264. Clipstream® encoded videos will have extreme longevity as all future web browsers will be required to be backwards compatible with the technologies behind it.