Destiny has developed a disruptive secure instant play streaming video solution which is in the early stages of commercialization.   Clipstream® reaches all modern browsers on all computers and devices without needing player plug-ins or streaming servers. This will challenge the $12 billion content delivery network industry and the $1.6 billion transcoding industry.  Content owners will no longer have to convert (transcode) their content into various video formats and unlike proprietary streaming servers the efficient HTTP based streaming architecture allows streams to be recycled, saving up to 90% on infrastructure and bandwidth costs.  Other formats go obsolete over time, but video in the Clipstream® format will play long into the future as it is based around HTML standards that will always be backwards compatible.  The technology features security  such as watermarking, host-locking and an inherent difficulty to download or rehost.   Consumers don't have to install or configure player software, so a much higher successful view rate is achieved.

Clipstream® Products:

Clipstream® Cloud
Clipstream® Survey Solutions

Other products for other are verticals being developed...

Clipstream® hosted solutions are managed by proprietary server infrastructure and custom software that views play requests, handing the request off to third party hosting solutions nearest the end user.  Current hosting partners include Amazon and Google.  Customers wanting to host their content on their own servers are able as the solution is powered by any standard web server.  The roll out strategy includes direct licensing of the engine to OEM's, ISP's, software developers that want to "save as" Clipstream® into the cloud and other third parties.