Destiny Media develops services that enable content owners to securely display and distribute their audio and video content
digitally through the internet.

The publishing world is changing, as consumers watch streaming video and listen to internet radio online instead of watching TV or radio.  Fans purchase digital content rather than physical CD's and DVD's.  Behind the scenes, Destiny Media is providing many of the software tools that enable this paradigm shift. 

Our Play MPE® system, which enables record labels to send locked and watermarked content through the internet is in use by over one thousand record labels including all four majors and is rolling out globally.  Clipstream®, our streaming media technology will enable a single video file to play on all devices, at a 90% lower bandwidth cost and with no need for a player.  Videos will "just play" in browsers with no need for player plug-ins.

Quick Facts

  • Symbol:

    DME (Germany)

  • Shares Outstanding:

    52,993,874 as of January 14, 2015

  • Estimated Market Cap

    $21.20M as of January 14, 2015

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Play MPE® Stats

Total Registered Users = 75,167
Total Tracks = 2,113,870
Total Deliveries = 441,476,096

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